Digital Growth Studio

We help our customers plan, create and scale their digital businesses.

Turning concepts into actions plans
 Developing customised digital solutions
 Scaling from niche to online supremacy

We have a clear focus on the following markets

Finance & Insurance



What we do

Working alongside entrepreneurs, SMBs and corporations we support them scaling to online supremacy.
Our proven expertise helps our clients choose the right digital strategy, implement the most innovative technologies and create decisive advantages over their competitors.

Growth Planning

Data-Research, Company-Screening, Competitor-Analysis, Potential-Analysis, Business-Planning, etc.

Platform Building

UI/UX, Technology-Selection, API-Implementation, Systems-Architecture, Platform-Dev., Data-Intelligence, etc.


Content Marketing

Meta-Data-Research, Content-Planning, Landingpage-Design, Content-Creation, Conversion-Optimization, Data-Analytics, etc.


Offpage-SEO (Linkbuilding, PR, Cooperation-Management), Onpage-SEO (Technical SEO, Markup-Language, Pagespeed-Opt., SERP-Optimization, etc.)


Meta-Data-Research, Landingpage-Creation, Campaign-Setup, Behavioral-Marketing, Smart-Bidding, Deeplearning, Retargeting, AB-Testing, etc.

Performance Marketing

Omnichannel-Marketing, Growth-Hacking, User-Profiling, Marketing-Automation, Conversion-Optimization, AB-Testing, Heat-Mapping, Mouse-Tracking, etc.

Bleeding-Edge Technology

We work at the bleeding edge with the most innovative solutions on the market.


Now hiring in Berlin, DE.

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